Video Production and Marketing Specialist At Rhino Shrink Wrap – Crewe, Cheshire.

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why even be here?” – Steve Jobs

Are you hungry and ambitious enough to want to work for us? We are a young and growing small company who provide a specialist temporary weather protection service to the construction industry. Our market is niche which means we are asked to complete projects all over the world although the majority of our work is within the UK.

We are passionate about being the best teachers and educators worldwide in our industry and in particular we love video communications and digital marketing. Just because we are a business communicating mostly with other businesses does not mean that we believe our content needs to be boring and ordinary and we are certainly not afraid to ‘push the boundaries’ and talk about things our competitors would never dare to!

We started to produce videos ‘in house’ around 12 months ago but we now have more ideas and content than our existing resources and technical abilities can cope with. That is where you come in….

You will work closely with all the team at Rhino to plan, film, edit and then publish video content on the web. You will also measure, analyse and report the results of your efforts to drive future strategy.

Sounds good? Well, it is, but this opportunity is definitely not for everyone.

  • We are a small company so there is no room to hide. We can’t afford to carry any passengers so you need to be a ‘doer’ and a creator of content. Being a small company means you need to be a ‘self starter’ and able to come up with your own solutions to problems and be committed to continuous ‘on the job’ learning and sharing knowledge within our small team.
  • You need to have an interest in large scale construction projects and be prepared to get out of the office and get your hands dirty by working alongside our teams.
  • We don’t just want a videographer. Although video is your strong suit, you should also be able to produce some engaging written and visual content when the need arises.
  • You need to have some knowledge and experience regarding the promotion and marketing of the videos via a variety of channels including social media. We want someone who always has their mind on the commercial outcomes which for most of our content is to drive website traffic, leads and sales of our products and installation services.
  • This is ‘business to business’ construction industry communications so it’s not all glitz and glamour! We are looking to produce a range of videos including case studies, product reviews and how to videos just for starters. You are going to have to be creative to make them engaging and to drive action amongst prospective customers.
  • You need to be located close to our rural offices near Holmes Chapel (or be prepared to move close to us) so that you can easily get to our jobs and be close to our teams.
  • You should be prepared to go that ‘extra mile’ for your art – if you wouldn’t get up at 4am on an icy winters morning to travel with an installation team to film a cool project then this opportunity is not for you.
  • You might not have done this exact job before but you are not a ‘wannabe’! You can show us lots of examples of your work and backup your claims with hard evidence. If you are ‘passionate about video and digital marketing’ then demonstrate it!
  • You should have a full driving license and be confident travelling independently and getting others to do what you want to get the outcomes you need for your project.
  • You will have a good general knowledge of camera / audio equipment and a good knowledge of editing software.

For the right person this an awesome opportunity. We are looking for somebody who is near the start of their career but nevertheless has the ability to make an impact worldwide in a niche business area, achieve measurable outcomes and grow with our company.

This could be a part time, full time or even an internship / placement role. You might have been to uni / college or you might be self taught. It doesn’t matter to us – If you have ‘the smarts’ we can make a dent in the universe together.

So, if you share our vision to be the best teachers in the world, if you don’t believe that business to business communications needs to be boring, if you are committed to continuously learning more and pushing the boundaries of B2B video marketing then get in touch today. We will let you decide how.

Salary: £18,000.00 /year

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